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We regularly publish Special Reports covering a wide range of ESG-related topics, including spotlights on geographies, sectors, and themes.

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25.01.17 Most Controversial Companies of 2016
17.10.16 Joint Special Report on Samsung Group
28.09.16 Special Report on Human trafficking
31.08.16 ASEAN Series: Myanmar
16.08.16 Joint Special Report on Tesla Motors Inc
20.07.16 ASEAN Series: Philippines
14.06.16 Special Report Tax Optimization
17.05.16 ASEAN Series: Malaysia
18.04.16 Forced labor
22.03.16 Most Controversial Projects of 2015
25.02.16 Special Report Uber Technologies Inc
23.02.16 ASEAN Series: Lower Mekong Delta: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam
27.01.16 Most Controversial Companies of 2015
02.12.15 ASEAN Series: Indonesia
11.11.15 Joint Special Report on Negligence
26.06.15 Joint Special Report on Privacy issues
02.06.15 Sea-bed mining and Deep sea drilling
08.04.15 Most Controversial Projects of 2014
03.02.15 Most Controversial Companies of 2014
09.12.14 ESG Risks in Colombia
16.09.14 Indigenous communities
27.08.14 Most Controversial Mining Projects
16.04.14 Most Controversial Companies of 2013
20.02.14 MINT Countries: ESG Issues in Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey
18.12.13 Consumer Electronics: The Human Toll Behind the Minerals
26.08.13 Most Controversial Projects of 2013
18.06.13 Arctic drilling
30.01.13 Most Controversial Companies of 2012
11.12.12 Most Controversial Companies in BRIC countries
14.03.12 Most Controversial Mining Companies of 2011
09.11.11 Water scarcity
29.08.11 Tar Sands
14.06.11 Fracking
15.12.10 Most Controversial Companies of 2010
20.01.10 Most Controversial Companies of 2009
03.11.09 Most Controversial Companies of September and October 2009
07.09.09 Most Controversial Companies of August 2009
03.08.09 Most Controversial Companies of June and July 2009
11.06.09 Most Controversial Companies of May 2009
06.04.09 Most Controversial Companies of March 2009
09.03.09 Most Controversial Companies of February 2009
10.02.09 Most Controversial Companies of January 2009: Special Focus on Brazil
15.12.08 Most Controversial Companies of 2008
04.11.08 Most Controversial Companies of October 2008
06.10.08 Most Controversial Companies of September 2008
04.09.08 Most Controversial Companies of August 2008
04.08.08 Most Controversial Companies of July 2008
04.07.08 Most Controversial Companies from January to June 2008

Our Sector Benchmarking Reports rank the world’s largest companies within each sector by their ESG risk exposure.

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11.01.17 Sector Benchmarking Report
14.12.16 Sector Benchmarking Report
26.10.16 Sector Benchmarking Report
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
Coming soon.
Food and Beverage

Our quarterly newsletter, the ESG Viewpoint, highlights an interview with a RepRisk client or partner, and includes the latest ESG news.

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05.12.16 Interview with a partner: GEC Risk Advisory
07.09.16 Interview with a client: Standard Chartered
30.05.16 Interview with a client: Swiss Re
06.04.16 Interview with a client: First State Investments
14.10.15 Interview with a client: KKR
15.07.15 Interview with a partner: UNPRI
20.05.15 Interview with a client: BrownFlynn
18.02.15 Interview with a client: Allianz
17.07.14 Interview with a partner: Governance & Accountability Institute
01.04.14 Interview with a client: Energias de Portugal (EDP)
18.12.13 Interview with a former partner: ESG Analytics
07.01.13 Interview with a client: Boston Common Asset Management
16.08.12 Interview with a client: Norwegian Pension Fund Global
07.08.12 Interview with a client: BASF

Our Case Studies series demonstrate the materiality of ESG issues – and how RepRisk can help before these issues translate to reputational, compliance, and financial risks.

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RepRisk Case Study
IOI Group
RepRisk Case Study
RepRisk Case Study
RepRisk Case Study
RepRisk Case Study
Posco Daewoo
RepRisk Case Study
RepRisk Case Study

RepRisk data has been used in award-winning research – and RepRisk continues to support the global academic community through its partnership with WRDS.

Interested in using RepRisk data for your research?

To facilitate research at universities and governmental agencies around the world, RepRisk data is provided through Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), the Wharton School’s award-winning data analytics and research platform that serves over 30,000 users in 33 countries.
To learn more or request access, please contact

27.06.16 The Relationship between Sustainability Performance and Sustainability Disclosure –Reconciling Voluntary Disclosure Theory and Legitimacy Theory
22.04.15 "Does Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Affect Reputational Risk?"
30.06.14 “Soft Law Violation and Liability”
05.11.13 “The Effect of Bad News on Credit Risk: a media-based view of the pricing of corporate social responsibility”
22.09.12 "ESG Alpha in China"
15.09.12 "ESG Performance of European Investment Funds"
05.05.08 "The effect of bad news on reputation and shareprice: An empirical survey"

In the RepRisk Publications Archive, you can find our previously published E-Zines.

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09.07.14 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #6 – Pharmaceuticals
16.01.14 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #5 – Technology & Electronics
25.08.13 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #4 – Finance
08.03.13 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #3 – Retail & Supply Chain
31.08.12 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #2 – Food & Beverage
20.03.12 RepRisk E-Zine Issue #1 – Energy, Mining & Extraction
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