A suite of ESG data science
and quantitative solutions

A risk lens in everything we do
Each RepRisk dataset is designed to help our clients identify and monitor ESG risks from every angle

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Our suite of proprietary, time-tested risk metrics
Designed to systematically identify and assess ESG risks – not back-engineered to predict the return of securities

RepRisk Index (RRI)
A quantitative measure (0 to 100) of a company’s risk exposure to ESG risks

RepRisk Rating (RRR)
A letter rating (AAA to D) that facilitates benchmarking and ESG integration

RepRisk UNGC Violator Flag
A flag that identifies companies with a high risk or potential risk of violating one or more of the ten UN Global Compact Principles

RepRisk Violator Index
A fully customized metric tailored to your ESG risk framework, internal policies, and risk appetite

“RepRisk is one of the input tools during our risk assessment due to its ability to collect and structure ESG-related public allegations that affect prospective insurance projects. We appreciate that RepRisk data is dynamic and covers a broad set of companies, as well as projects such as mines, dams, and pipelines.”
Allianz Group
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The ESG Risk Platform

Born as a due diligence tool, the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform is the world’s largest database on ESG and business conduct risks. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), it allows you to conduct in-depth risk research on companies, infrastructure projects, sectors, and countries, identify the industry-specific material ESG risks in line with the SASB standards, or monitor your ESG risks daily via customizable Watchlists and a tailored email Alert Service. Request a demo.

Data Feeds

RepRisk Data Feeds integrate RepRisk’s proprietary risk metrics into your internal systems and processes, helping you to systematically and seamlessly screen and monitor large portfolios of clients, investments, suppliers, and more – and flag companies with high ESG risk exposure. Contact us for a sample today.

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of the world’s largest due diligence database on ESG and business conduct risk
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