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# March 2023

# Maryse Gordon
Partnerships and Business Development Manager at RepRisk

Events of the past few years have resulted in a significant increase in demand for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data. Between heightened climate change advocacy, increased attention to natural capital and biodiversity risks, scrutiny on social issues such as racial injustices and inequalities, and the evolution of regulations and standards, need and opportunity for ESG data has exploded.

Requirements for more transparency into business conduct have resulted in greater demand for more actionable, relevant, transparent, and standardized ESG data. With this increased demand comes increased supply. With more opportunity to supply, vendors need to stand out and innovate to meet the evolving and ever-increasing requests from the industry. But does this lead to confidence or confusion? How can education of market participants support clarity around ESG data and better decision-making? How has the influence of government, regulators, stakeholders, and society played into the evolution of ESG data and technology, and how are vendors coming together to bring innovation into the ESG space?

This paper explores the evolution of ESG data and its future potential, with a specific focus on how strategic partnerships between service providers are changing the landscape of opportunity, and with contributions from our partners at Qontigo, ICE, and K2 Integrity.

The current ESG landscape

Moving away from traditional approaches

The opportunity

Data coverage and solutions

ESG integration within organizations

Collaboration unlocking potential

Impact of regulation

Impact of misleading communication and greenwashing

Supply chain, sovereign risk, and consumer perspectives


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