Combining machine learning
with human intelligence

A pioneer and leader in ESG data science
RepRisk is the only ESG research provider to leverage advanced machine learning together with highly trained analysts

Advanced machine

Since 2007, RepRisk has produced the largest,
high-quality annotated (human-labeled)
dataset that allows us to train our machine
learning algorithms to be more accurate
and effective in identifying ESG risks


Our clients have access
to an unbroken time series
of high-quality data that
can be used for rigorous back-
testing and quantitative analysis


Our highly-trained team of 85+ analysts
curates and analyzes each risk incident
according to our transparent
rules-based methodology that
ensures data depth and quality

“RepRisk has been a trusted business intelligence partner of UBS since 2006. The integration of RepRisk data into our existing compliance and risk processes is a key component in the systematic implementation of UBS’ environmental and social risk standards and help ensure that our due diligence processes are comprehensive and standardized at a global level.”
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The world’s largest and most comprehensive database
Updated daily to help you make timely and actionable decisions on ESG and business conduct risks

“One of the greatest benefits of the RepRisk Platform is the breadth of coverage it offers of companies and projects. We also value the detailed filters, which allow trends to be identified and specific information to be brought to the fore. RepRisk also offers a “reality check” to company-provided information, to help us determine how successfully a company’s policies are being implemented.”
Standard Chartered
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“RepRisk has been an invaluable conversation starter with companies on ESG issues. The geographic range of sources and issues is helpful when sitting at a desk far away from our investee company operations.”
First State Investments
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Did you know?

60+ of the world’s leading banks

rely on RepRisk for their due diligence and risk management processes

17 of the 25 largest investment managers

trust RepRisk as a daily-updated risk overlay for their ESG integration and investment analysis

“RepRisk contributes to achieving an efficient screening of ESG risks in insurance portfolios with just a few clicks — enabling the integration of ESG in underwriting risk assessments in sensitive business sectors. Considering the global scope of Generali, what we especially appreciate with RepRisk is the combination of quantitative and qualitative information on almost all the insurable universe, including also non-listed companies and projects.”
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