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ESG Viewpoint:
Wells Fargo

# RepRisk interviews Miguel CuUnjieng, Associate, Environmental and Social Risk Management, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Wells Fargo

# July 2020

1. RepRisk: Could you please provide some insight into your specific role and the role of your department within the Wells Fargo organization?

Miguel CuUnjieng: Since 2018, I have been working in Wells Fargo’s Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) group, which is part of our broader Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility team. The ESRM team is responsible for considering the environmental, social, human rights, and related financial risks associated with our lending and investments. We build and refine internal frameworks for assessing exposure to these risks, develop and implement tools to perform due diligence, and enable the bank to identify, evaluate, and manage portfolio-related environmental and social risks.

Within this team, I am accountable for due diligence procedures tied to our energy, power generation, and utilities portfolios. I am also actively refining internal tools to apply to our agribusiness portfolio. Beyond this, I contribute to Wells Fargo’s strategy and policy development tied to these industries and broader climate change issues.

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