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# RepRisk interviews Venki Vaithianathan, Corporate Responsibility Director at Volvo Group

# January 2022

1. RepRisk: Please provide some insight into your specific role at the Volvo Group and the work that you and your team do.

Venki Vaithianathan: I wear two hats in my role as Corporate Responsibility Director at the Volvo Group. I am working a lot on strengthening our human rights governance in the company together with our truck divisions, business areas, and group functions. Human rights work is being carried out across our company in various organizations and therefore, it is key for us to be structured and well-governed in this area. Another aspect of my role is to work closely with our business areas on responsible sales. I support our organizations with awareness and training, risk assessments, and tools and methodologies related to responsible sales.

2. RR: What functions and business areas within the Volvo Group utilize RepRisk data, and what are the main use cases of RepRisk data in those divisions?

VV: We are mainly using RepRisk as part of our responsible sales assessments and ESG screening of certain sales deals. Responsible sales is about consciously considering ESG factors and risks in connection with sales deals – based on the country of end-use, end-user, and intended end-use of our products. In addition to that function, our trucks, buses, and construction equipment business areas use RepRisk data. In addition, we also use RepRisk for ESG screening of certain business partners from time to time.

3. RR: In what ways does the Volvo Group leverage RepRisk data to optimize its investor relations?

VV: Investors do ask us about our approach on responsible sales. We find that RepRisk ESG screenings are a way to demonstrate to investors that we take responsible sales seriously and that we have credible tools and methodologies in place.

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