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ESG Viewpoint:
Apex ESG Ratings and Advisory

# RepRisk interviews Andrew Pitts-Tucker, Managing Director at Apex ESG Ratings and Advisory

# January 2021

1. RepRisk: Please provide some insight into your specific role at Apex ESG Ratings and Advisory (Apex) and explain the work that you and your team do.

Andrew Pitts-Tucker: I am the Managing Director at Apex ESG Ratings and Advisory, with specific responsibility to drive the Group’s strategic ESG development. I spent 25 years in the financial industry before following my passion of wildlife conservation. I spent three years developing sustainable business models for protected area landscapes and wildlife conservation initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. My work in conservation taught me valuable lessons and eventually inspired my move back to financial services to focus on my passion of conservation through ESG. My team and I have developed a consolidated, best-in-class data set powering simple-to-use, intuitive software. We compare data provided by the company with that of a number of leading global standards, and we highlight gaps in order to make recommendations to close those gaps.

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