RepRisk Geospatial
Powerful biodiversity due diligence

Biodiversity risk is financial risk.
Safeguarding biodiversity and safeguarding long-term financial security are one and the same.

Geospatial Analytics brings together three datasets that are pertinent to this work for unprecedented biodiversity risk insights.

Three critical datasets to assess biodiversity risk in one place

The proximity of 65,000+
extractive sector projects to 300,000+
environmentally sensitive sites

RepRisk ESG risk incident data
on companies and projects

Insights on 15,000+
owner and operator companies

Illuminating biodiversity
vulnerabilities and possibilities for related risk,
RepRisk Geospatial shows mining and oil & gas projects' proximity to environmentally sensitive sites.

Data on environmentally
sensitive sites is sourced from the
Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool Alliance,
the world’s most authoritative datasets of protected
areas and Key Biodiversity Areas.

The types of environmentally sensitive sites include:


and the Biosphere


Alliance for
Zero Extinction

IUCN Management
Categories I-VI

Geospatial Analytics shows extractive sector projects with immediate, close, or general proximity to environmentally sensitive sites.

Data captured by Geospatial Analytics reveals that

18% of mining projects are in immediate proximity of environmentally sensitive sites

Harness the power of the world’s
most comprehensive ESG dataset
on geospatial biodiversity risk
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