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# Biodiversity risk by the numbers
Alternative Energy leads in biodiversity risk incidents, Brazil experienced most severe risk incidents

# February 2022

Protection of biodiversity is key to a healthy planet and a healthy economy – and with the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 15 aiming to prevent land degradation and biodiversity loss, this objective is at the forefront for public and private market participants.

However, in the past two years alone, 35% of companies (approximately 23,000) and 64% of projects (approximately 15,000) in RepRisk’s dataset have been linked to a biodiversity1 risk incident.

With this in mind, we took a closer look at what our data reveals about the issue of biodiversity.

First up: countries with the most biodiversity risk incidents in 2021.

Source: RepRisk ESG data science and quantitative solutions,

Of ten locations with the highest count of biodiversity risk incidents in 2021, Indonesia and Mexico see the most biodiversity risk, proportionally, while risks of this category are most severe in Brazil.

The above graph illustrates the percentage of a country’s total risk incidents that are related to biodiversity. Indonesia has the highest percentage of biodiversity risk incidents – more than half of total ESG risk incidents in the country. Indonesia contains the world's third largest area of rainforest, and is credited as being the most species-rich country on earth.2 That includes 68 critically endangered species, and 69 endangered species, and 517 vulnerable species. The country with the most severe risk incidents is Brazil, which has the most rainforest in the world.

Second: sectors with the most biodiversity risk incidents.

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