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January 10, 2022, Zurich, Switzerland

RepRisk wins fourth successive tender from the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global’s Council on Ethics with a rating of very high quality

# RepRisk ESG risk data will be used to monitor the Fund’s portfolio for social and environmental issues

RepRisk, a leading ESG data science firm combining machine learning and human intelligence to identify ESG risks, is proud to announce that it has been selected as the provider of ESG data and portfolio monitoring services for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global’s Council on Ethics. RepRisk’s service was rated as a service with very high quality according to the criteria set out in the Request for Tenders by the Council.

RepRisk won its first tender with the Council on Ethics in 2009 and has been working with it since then to monitor the companies in the Fund’s portfolio daily for issues such as severe human rights violations, particularly in relation to child labor, forced labor, and violations of human rights in conflict areas, as well as gross environmental degradation and corruption.

With the tender win, RepRisk will continue to monitor the Fund’s portfolio for another four years, until December 2025. The research provided by RepRisk will help the Council on Ethics analyze and select cases of ESG violations that may lead to exclusion by the Fund.

We are very excited to continue our work with the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, as the choices made by its Council on Ethics significantly influence how ESG issues are prioritized and managed globally”, said Nicole Streuli-Fürst, RepRisk Executive Vice President of Operations and Research. “This is the fourth tender in a row RepRisk has won thanks to our unique research approach, extensive sources, language coverage, and highly-trained human analyst team – a true testament to our best-in-class ESG risk data.

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