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The RepRisk Benchmarking Brief

A new corporate benchmarking report that assesses your company's exposure to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, and benchmarks it with a customized peer list.

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What is the RepRisk Benchmarking Brief?

The RepRisk Benchmarking Brief: A customizable corporate benchmarking report on ESG risks

The RepRisk Benchmarking Brief is a corporate benchmarking report. It assesses your company's exposure to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, and benchmarks it with a customizable peer list. The Brief is a data-driven strategy and decision-making tool used by board members and executives, risk management and corporate affairs professionals, as well as CSR and sustainability teams.

The RepRisk Rating: A dynamic risk metric that facilitates benchmarking and ESG integration

The cornerstone of the Benchmarking Brief is the RepRisk Rating – a proprietary risk metric, ranging from AAA to D, that captures and quantifies a company's risk exposure related to ESG issues. It combines a company's own ESG risk exposure with the ESG risk exposure of the countries and sectors in which the company has been exposed to risks.


Benchmarking Brief Product Factsheet

All you need to know about the Benchmarking Brief is available in our factsheet.

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Benchmarking Brief Product Sample

Get a first-hand look at the Benchmarking Brief by downloading a sample.

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The RepRisk Company Report: For a deeper dive into one company's ESG risk exposure

Designed for users specifically interested in one or a few companies, RepRisk Company Reports provide an in-depth look at an individual company through a combination of our proprietary risk analytics and metrics, and our qualitative research.

Questions or comments?

Email the Benchmarking Brief team directly at brief@reprisk.com or use the Contact form


RepRisk Benchmarking Briefs are dynamically generated at the time of purchase – ensuring that you have timely, actionable information at your fingertips.

Benchmarking Brief

Special introductory pricing

CHF 1,200


RepRisk Benchmarking Brief
for RepRisk Clients


CHF 900


Bundle pricing:
RepRisk Benchmarking Brief + RepRisk Company Report

Purchase the RepRisk Benchmarking Brief together with a RepRisk Company Report and benefit by saving 25 percent off the price of the Company Report.

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