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February 13, 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

RepRisk releases its Most Controversial Projects of 2018 Report—three of ten projects highlight the Food and Beverage sector’s significant exposure to ESG risks

# The latest issue of RepRisk’s report focuses on projects such as factories, dams, and ships that posed serious reputational, compliance, and financial risks in 2018 for the companies involved

RepRisk’s Most Controversial Projects of 2018 Report focuses on the ten projects that were most exposed to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and business conduct risks last year. The projects ranked in the report are located in both developed and emerging markets, and stem from a range of sectors, while three projects in this year’s issue were linked to salmonella or listeria outbreaks.

“Many of the case studies in this report describe a sequence of events that had catastrophic consequences for employees and local communities,” said Dr. Philipp Aeby, CEO of RepRisk. “Sadly, the risk incidents faced by nine out of ten projects were described as ‘foreseeable,’ or were blamed on negligence.

Our aim is to raise awareness of potential ESG risks, and to encourage companies to take into account such issues systematically in their risk management strategies and processes. RepRisk is the only ESG research provider that covers projects, thereby supporting our clients’ due diligence processes.”

RepRisk combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human analysis to translate big data in 20 languages into curated research and analytics. In addition to over 29,000 projects, more than 110,000 public and private companies are captured on the RepRisk Platform.

Please click here to read the Most Controversial Projects of 2018 Report.

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