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An outside-in perspective on ESG data and analytics: a risk lens for comprehensive ESG assessment, data integration, and powerful global insights.

Help your clients achieve their ESG objectives with a best-in-class, dataset geared toward transparency and risk management.

Why RepRisk?

By incorporating RepRisk ESG risk data in value proposition to clients, you provide access to a best-in-class tool for risk management, due diligence, quantitative analysis, regulatory compliance and reporting, portfolio and supply chain monitoring, engagement, and more. This multifaceted, systematic solution:

  • is generated by AI, machine learning, and human intelligence that screens 100,000 public sources in 23 languages.
  • features daily-updated risk metrics on 102 ESG factors, 75,000+ projects, and 260,000+ public and private companies across all sectors and regions, including emerging and frontier markets.
  • maps to ESG regulations and standards like the SFDR PAI’s and DNSH requirements, SASB, UNPRI, UNGC, and SDGs.

Why Partner?

  • Meet client demand with expanded value proposition: expand your data offering and meet market demand by leveraging the world’s most comprehensive database on ESG risks.
  • Shared expertise and innovation: leverage synergies through complimentary assets to accelerate innovation needed to deliver new ESG products and services.
  • Faster product development: leverage seamless integration of RepRisk’s structured dataset and ESG risk metrics directly into existing or new solutions.
  • Enhance due diligence and risk management use cases: lift traditional risk measures by incorporating material ESG considerations into risk management processes, supporting product integration, advisory, and regulatory compliance.

Product integration

Create derivatives based on RepRisk data

  • Enhance existing methodologies and link ESG performance, risk, business strategy, and financial performance
  • Benchmark issuers, sectors, and countries on ESG risks
  • Create stand-alone, custom, or co-created ESG metrics
  • Screen companies on ESG reporting requirements and business conduct risks
  • Monitor and manage ESG risk via multiple SaaS applications (ERM/GRC tools, Board management reporting, Supply Chain risk, AML/KYC, WealthTech/FinTech, Financial desktop)

Data redistribution

Integrate and redistribute in existing solutions

  • Integration of selected RepRisk ESG data in desktop applications or platforms to provide clients with transparency, compliance reporting, and risk management capabilities
  • Offer new ESG value add to prospective clients as part of a full-fledged financial or alternative data application

Advisory or consultancy integration

Support advisory and engagements

  • Assess clients according to key sustainability reporting frameworks and regulations
  • Support M&A and transaction due diligence to uncover hidden risk
  • Understand and engage with public audience on ESG and business conduct risk exposure and its implications on investment
  • Reduce blind spots and illuminate reputational risks relating to human rights, labor issues, environmental risks, and corruption

Commercial engagement

  • Fixed annual licensing agreements
  • Royalties or revenue share on commercialized products
  • Referral fees or commission on redistribution
  • Variable fees linked to product creation (per client, per report, per user)
  • Staged and scalable fee models to support commercialization of new products to new audiences
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