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Transparency is now the new normal, and has driven an unprecedented need for the integration of ESG issues into all aspects of business.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have evolved from tangential importance to material relevance: how a company manages ESG issues is now seen as directly linked to its operational excellence and social license to operate. ESG risks can also translate into compliance, reputational, and financial risks.

Due to increasing and widespread awareness of ESG issues, the expectations of stakeholders – including investors, civil society, regulators, and others – have changed. In addition, an interconnected and interdependent world has served to amplify stakeholders’ expectations about ESG issues.

The story of RepRisk is about how an idea – increased transparency on ESG risks – has changed the way that companies can do business.

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Every day, better, more informed decisions are made because of the transparency that RepRisk provides.

RepRisk harnesses a proprietary, systematic framework that combines cutting-edge technology with hands-on human intelligence in 15 languages to deliver dynamic and curated risk information.

In the landscape of available ESG information, RepRisk takes a unique approach to assessing risk: our research focuses on capturing and analyzing data from media, stakeholders, and other public sources external to the company.

This insight helps balance and substantiate the information provided by the company itself, and helps assess whether a company’s intention – policies, processes, and commitments – translates into practice. Our clients have called RepRisk a “reality check” or a “mirror” to company-provided information.

RepRisk languages:
English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


RepRisk has been recognized as meeting the Gold Standard in Deep Data Delivery. The Deep Data Delivery Standards were created as a public good that any asset manager or asset owner is permitted to use in contracting third-party data providers.

A comprehensive research scope of 28 ESG Issues, covering the key international standards, ensures you have all the data you need at your fingertips.


Environmental Footprint Global pollution (incl. climate change and GHG emissions) Local pollution Impacts on ecosystems and landscapes Overuse and wasting of resources Waste issues Animal mistreatment


Corporate Governance Corruption, bribery, extortion, money laundering Executive compensation issues Misleading communication, e.g. “greenwashing” Fraud Tax evasion Tax optimization Anti-competitive practices
Cross-cutting Issues Controversial products and services Products (health and environmental issues) Violation of international standards Violation of national legislation Supply chain issues

Our research also covers 45 Topic Tags – a growing list of ESG “hot topics” that are specific and thematic.

Abusive/Illegal fishing
Agricultural commodity speculation
Animal transportation
Arctic drilling
Automatic and semi-automatic weapons
Cluster munitions
Coal-fired power plants
Conflict minerals
Coral reef
Deep sea drilling
Depleted uranium munitions
Endangered species
Forest burning
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Genocide/Ethnic cleansing
High conservation value forests
Human trafficking
Hydropower (dams)
Illegal logging
Indigenous people
Involuntary resettlement
Land grabbing
Land mines
Migrant labor
Mountaintop removal mining
Nuclear power
Oil sands
Palm oil
Predatory lending
Privacy violations
Protected areas
Rare earths
Sea-bed mining
Water scarcity

Our strict, rules-based research process helps ensure consistent data over time – with data history from January 2007 onward.


Using a proprietary IT tool, RepRisk screens over 80,000 media and stakeholder sources every day. For the earliest identification of risks, this screening is executed in 15 languages.

The goal: Dynamically capture risk information related to ESG issues from the broadest range of sources.

Identification and filtering

The results of the screening are delivered to our highly-trained team of analysts, who curate the data according to RepRisk’s research framework.

The goal: Ensure that each item funneled through our research process is relevant to our clients.


Once an item has been identified and filtered, an experienced RepRisk analyst is responsible for analyzing, summarizing, and scoring the incident according to our proprietary process.

The goal: Help our clients gain a deeper understanding of the risk in a manner that is efficient and effective.

Quality assurance

Before a risk incident is published, it first undergoes a thorough quality assurance review and approval by one of our RepRisk Senior Analyst.

The goal: Ensure the quality of the analysis and integrity of the data.


The final step in our research process is the dynamic quantification of the risk through our suite of proprietary risk metrics.

The goal: Provide our clients with a systematic way to benchmark risk exposure and track risk trends over time.

Identify, assess, benchmark, monitor – you can do it all with RepRisk analytics and metrics.

RepRisk has developed a suite of proprietary risk metrics that help you benchmark companies, assess risk exposure, and monitor risk trends.

The RepRisk Index (RRI): Our exclusive and proprietary algorithm dynamically quantifies reputational risk exposure related to ESG issues. It facilitates an initial assessment of the ESG and reputational risks associated with financing, investing, or conducting business with a particular company.

The RepRisk Rating (RRR): Our newest metric, ranging from AAA to D, facilitates ESG integration and benchmarking, and serves as a decision support tool in a wide variety of functions.

Beyond company data: RepRisk offers risk metrics for all of the entities in the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform.

Interested in analyzing sector risks, conducting in-depth country risk research, or monitoring ESG issues and topics? RepRisk has analytics and metrics available for you. In addition, our Country-Sector Analysis Matrix allows you to zero in on the ESG risks related to doing business or investing in a particular country-sector combination.

Country-sector combinations
ESG Issues
ESG Topic Tags
UN Global Compact Principles
Governmental Bodies
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