ESG with a
risk lens

Over a decade of deep domain expertise in ESG risks
Exclusively with an outside-in perspective to assess whether companies walk their talk

Born out of credit risk management, the purpose of RepRisk’s dataset is not to provide ESG ratings, but to systematically identify and assess material ESG risks. We have always taken an outside-in approach to ESG risks, by analyzing information from public sources and stakeholders and intentionally excluding company self-disclosures. It is now well-accepted that self-reported information is not reliable data – especially when it comes to risks.

Over a decade of experience has shown that RepRisk’s unique perspective serves as a reality check for how companies conduct their business around the world – do they walk their talk when it comes to human rights, labor standards, corruption, and environmental issues? This perspective, together with a transparent, rules-based methodology and daily updates, ensures that our clients have consistent, timely, and actionable data at their fingertips.

Combining the best of both worlds
AI and machine learning empower the size and scale of our dataset, while human intelligence adds depth and relevance

Advanced machine

Since 2007, RepRisk has produced the largest,
high-quality annotated (human-labeled)
dataset that allows us to train our machine
learning algorithms to be more accurate
and effective in identifying ESG risks


Our clients have access
to an unbroken time series
of high-quality data that
can be used for rigorous back-
testing and quantitative analysis


Our highly-trained team of 85+ analysts
curates and analyzes each risk incident
according to our transparent
rules-based methodology that
ensures data depth and quality

“We have set up our complete universe of portfolio companies to be monitored by RepRisk. To us, this is a great step forward in implementing ESG considerations in private markets, as we are able to monitor both the ESG issues of our portfolio companies as well as how the respective GP deals with these issues.”
LGT Capital Partners
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A dataset unique in the industry
With research and metrics updated daily and data history from 2007

Research inputs Research outputs The world’s largest and mostcomprehensive database on ESG and business conduct risk Humanintelligence Advancedmachine learning Updateddaily 90,000+ public sources and stakeholders screened daily 20 major business languages covered 85+ highly-trained analysts 140,000+ public and private companies 35,000+ infrastructure projects All sectors and industries All countries including emerging and frontier markets 86 ESG factors mapped to the UNGC, SASB, and the SDGs 300,000+ ESG risk assessments 13+ years of data history from January 2007 8 million documents labeled 500,000+ documents screened daily

Research coverage in 20 major business languages
Means RepRisk identifies risks at the local level – so you can know early and know more

RepRisk language coverage coming soon

+90% of the world’s GDP (2018) is covered by the 20 languages in which RepRisk conducts its research, based on the official language indicated per country.

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