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What do you think are the key benefits of working with RepRisk?

Access to up-to-date and relevant sustainability information, on a broad range of issues, related to companies and projects from all industry sectors.

Head of Sustainability Affairs,
international bank

It saves a lot of time for other tasks to have publicly available information on a specific company/project in a condensed manner with one or two mouse clicks. Also, due to the daily updates, the content in the tool is up-to-date.

Analyst, Public Policy – Sustainability Affairs,
international bank

The news is analyzed and categorized by a real person making this product unique. Also coverage is very broad and includes many sources not covered by conventional providers.

Associate Director, Environmental Risk Management – Investment Banking,
international bank

Would you recommend RepRisk to your colleagues and peers?

Yes! Highly professional database which allows time-saving access to important information.

Head of Sustainability Management,
international asset manager

I would recommend the tool to anyone who is looking for a tool that offers him publicly available information on specific companies/projects with a relation to environmental and social issues and who has not enough time to do the research/due diligence himself.

Head of Sustainability Affairs,
international bank